Shaper Credits

Qiushi Jiang
Leona Liu
Featured Sound Designers
Pablo Del Pozo [Link]
[Industrial Style, 80s Lead Synth, Lucid Dreams, Arcade 8bits, Massive Bass, Arcade Power Up, New World, Classic Lead, Nostalgic Keys, Dreamy Keys, Simple Noise Riser, Grand Opening, Wobble Bass]
Justin Poon [Link]
[Shark Time, Square One, Doucement, Lazer Tag, Plink Plonk, Rocking Out, Fountain Droplets, Roe Boat Rock, Spooky Glider, Paddington Bear]
Moises Munoz [Link]
[Reese Piece, Vocal Groan, French Police, Future Stab, Gritty Rise, Ethereal Key, Washed Up, Hollow Tube, Retro Lead, Damaged Voyage]
Demo Tracks
Alex Abugaber [Link]

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Gavinski [Link], Nu-Trix [Link] and people on Audiobus for their feedback.

Special thanks to Professor Gregory Lee Newsome, Professor Mike Romaniak and Professor Norbert Palej for giving us the opportunity to share our work with the students from University of Toronto Faculty of Music.